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Dedicated cat facilities

Cats need special attention to feel calm and comfortable.

Hospitalised cats are treated and housed in a dedicated ward with no access to dogs.  They won't hear any noisy barking or smell canine pheromones that dogs produce.  This greatly reduces the stress felt by our feline patients and increases their comfort levels while staying with us, resulting in faster recovery from illness.

Our staff are trained in techniques to help cats feel more calm. If you would like tips on how to make your cat’s visit to the vet less stressful please contact our reception staff for tips and free ‘Happy Cat Vet Visit Pack’.

  • Fear-Free Certified practice

  • Custom-built cat ward designed to minimise stress

  • Separate examination and treatment area for cats to minimise anxiety

  • A calm and relaxed cat will recover faster and feel better sooner.

call us 2915 3999



No. 256 Shau Kei Wan Road, Hong Kong Island 


Regular Consultation : 9am - 8pm  

Emergency Consultation: 24 hours a day. 



The parking area is available across the road from our hospital.

Emergency cases could drop off in front of the clinic. 


We are happy to assist you, please feel free to contact us

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