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Holiday Solutions for Your Pets

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you're planning on a trip, you should start thinking of your pet as well.  Dogs and cats often require different solutions when it comes to holidays depending on the breed and temperament, how long you will be away and the health of your pet. 


Cats are very sensitive creatures, so if possible, it's often best to keep them in their own home environment.  Many Hong Kong people are fortunate enough to have a helper or neighbour who can look after your cat while you're away.  However if you don't have this option, the best idea is to look for a 'pet-sitter'.  Pet-sitters will come into your home once or twice a day and look after  your cat in its own environment.  This greatly reduces the stress for both owners and cats!  Our favourite is Furrenz petsitters (  And remember, whoever is looking after your pet needs to have current information regarding your cat's vet and any medical conditions he has.  


Dogs are much better suited to a boarding kennel so that they have more constant attention.  In Hong Kong, most boarding facilities are located in the New Territories as there is more space.  If you are planning on placing your dog into boarding for the holidays, remember to check the status of all vaccinations as well as the 'Kennel Cough' vaccination which will need to be up to date.  Two kennels we recommend are Ferndale Kennels ( and Petworld (  These facilities also offer transportation, grooming and lots of extras to keep your dogs feeling safe and happy during your absence.

Pets with special medical conditions

If your pet has a specific medical condition such as diabetes or cushing's disease, you should discuss with your vet about the best option if you need to go out of town and also discuss what general treatment you would approve if your pet is rushed to the vet and you are out of contact.   Some vet clinics, like East Island, offer a 'Medical Boarding' option for sick pets.  This is for pets whose owners need to leave town, but the patient is too sensitive to go to for a regular boarding or pet-sitting option.

If you need any assistance choosing your holidays solutions for your pet, feel free to call us on 2915 3999 for some advice.


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