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5 Christmas Dangers all Pet Owners Should Know

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Five most common Christmas Pet Dangers that every pet owner should know.

1. Toxic plants - many pet owners are unaware that holly, mistletoe, lilies and pine needles can all be toxic.  Keep cats and dogs away from your Christmas tree.

2. Wrapping ribbon and paper - cats particularly like to play and eat with pieces of ribbon. These can get stuck in the stomach and have to be surgically removed later (oh no!).

3. Holiday lights and candles - these are so pretty! Make sure they're out of reach so puppies can't play with them and cats won't chew on the cords.

4. Food hazards - remember that pets can't eat chocolate, alcohol, onions or garlic. Turkey is usually safe as it's not too fatty. 

5. Christmas decorations - they look fantastic, but keep a close eye on your new puppy who might think they're a great chew toy.  You don't want to spend Christmas at the Emergency Centre.


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